dinsdag 30 november 2010


The pretty Winter Wonderland! Today was such a busy day for me, so thats the reason why I posted this post so late ( 23:25 ) And I cant write to much because I really need to sleep :P.
so goodnight!
Valery Y

22 opmerkingen:

VicissitudiniLombarde zei

You are lovely as always ^_^
Adorable outfit, well done <3


a Queen in Me zei

oooh die broek is echt het leukst!!
en geweldig mooie outfit.

inge luciana zei

nice winter outfit!!
u look great!

and love the photo as well..i wish there is winter in my country ^^

tinting zei

Hi here is me again, remember me? I love ur smile, it's really cute. :D

Béracha zei

wauw, mooi!

Fashion Queen zei

Geweldige foto's en je broek is echt heel erg mooi!! I like it. Waar heb je hem vandaan?


roelindahoi.hyves.nl zei

Je hebt echt een gewelidge style meid! Ik ben een groote fan van je! liefs Roelinda

fashion.gossipmk zei

Great look in general :=) M.

Oslo by fashion zei

aww thank you for following me sweetie! Im defiently following you back, youre style is fab :) Kisses

Denise zei

Super, ik vind je stijl zó leuk :D.

Marella zei

Love the whole outfit!

Irene zei

Leuk weer!
xoxo irene

Amber Blue Bird zei

fun look

Kristina zei

love your outfit :)
great blog!!

Would you like to follow eachother??


PowerFlower-x zei

ik word je nieuwe volger :)
die broek krijg ik voor kerst
in zandkleur, vind 'm echt geweldig=D


Maryse zei

Echt heel erg leuk! <3
Ik volg je!

Chelsea Lane zei

these pictures as soso cute! love the bow :) you look awesome <3


xfashionbabex zei

I love your blog and your style! If you follow me I'll follow you :) x


Kasia W. zei

great outfit girl! I like the shirt;)


M zei

OH! Is it snowing? Where I live never snow, you're lucky!
Thanks for your comment <3

Anoniem zei

What a wonderful style!!!

I am new to the bloggesfera and i'm looking for bloggers whose style caught my attention...

I'll keep looking at your blog so i'll follow you!!

Besos from Spain

Anoniem zei

Super leuke outfit! leuke blog heb je! ik volg je!, volg je terug?