dinsdag 30 november 2010


The pretty Winter Wonderland! Today was such a busy day for me, so thats the reason why I posted this post so late ( 23:25 ) And I cant write to much because I really need to sleep :P.
so goodnight!
Valery Y

maandag 29 november 2010


It is snowing in Holland! hooray.. wel actually no hooray. I hate the cold winters and you need to wear thousands of socks.. Okay it does look amazing and it looks cozy. But I guess that a lot of people share the same opinion: This is not my favorite season...
Actually kinda weird because christmass is my most favorite day of the year!
Valery Y

zaterdag 27 november 2010


The blouse I did promise in an outfit. I change the cowboyboots for wedges which I like prefer. I did make thousand of photos today. It was so terrible to make the right pictures, so its maybe a little disapointed.
Its weekend, finally! I have nice plans: Today I have to work and this night is going out on the menu. Sunday I will go to Amsterdam to buy some nice items and check the new H7&M. So what are your plans this weekend?
Valery Y

vrijdag 26 november 2010


My outfit of this morning. I need to work from 1300 till 2100, so I actually not wearing this a long time.

Meet my new coat :) . Its from h&m amd I really want a second wintercoat so there it is!

Valery Y

donderdag 25 november 2010


Tonight I went to the city and I bought a lace blouse from H&M. I combinate it with cobwboots and brown items. Which I really like :) . But it was a bit to dark to make an real outfitpost. But that is gonna be okay. Because I will wear this blouse a lot I guess.
Valery Y

dinsdag 23 november 2010


My outfit of today, totally different than yesterdays evening. I know.. I love a lot of styles. So the way I feel, The was I dress :)
Valery Y


My outfit of yesterdays evening. I went to the cinema to the movie Harry porter 7 part 1. AMAZING! I cant wait to see part 2. ooh btw I am not a die hard fan, but the movie is extremely good :).
And yes, I dit get a award :)
I am so happy, thankyou.
Now I need to tell 7facts about myself:
1: Party is defintly my second name.
2: I always keep changing my style of everything.
3: I do the training Marketing & communication.
4: I cant choose my favorite food, I am also a food addict.
5: This is actually my fourth blog...
6: I love to photograph all day long.
7: I am also a huge fan of green tea :)
And the blogs I love:
Valery Y

maandag 22 november 2010


My outfit of this day. But now I changed my outfit for my date tonight haha! Maybe I will show you an outfit post :)
Yesterday I promissed that I will show my new ring from zinzi and here it is. I likt it a lot :D
Valery Y

zondag 21 november 2010


Today I went to a fair, and me and my friends were the ''flyer girls'' . My friends mothers has her own site and she was promoting it today. And of the and of the day we could pick out a ring. My ring is realy amazing ( I will show it probably tomorrow ) Ooh almost forgotten, after flyering we did some shopping on the fair. I did bought some beauty stoff which I also will show tomorrow!
So how was you sunday?

Valery Y